About me:

I am an expert Web Application Developer. I have substantial experience with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, with tools like Symfony, CakePHP, WordPress or jQuery. In more than a decade of programming work I created many websites from small company profiles to high traffic market leading portals.

Contact me:

email: hello@bencemeszaros.com
skype: mbence
mobile: +36 30 914-0411



During my years of freelancing and entrepreneurship I have developed very strong self motivation and entrepreneurial attitude. While working with so many clients I have also acquired excellent communications and problem solving skills. I have a strong passion for continuous improvement of my knowledge, learning new technologies and always looking for new challenges.

See what others are saying about me:

“Bence is an excellent and experienced PHP developer who could see the whole and understand the architectural big picture. He is very good at getting an understanding of the problem domain and then finding a technical solution. I can recommend him to anybody, who is interested in web development.”
(Peter Fejes)

“Working with Bence has been a fun and learning experience. His open mindedness and social attitude mixed well with the management of his team, even though he always said to prefer hands-on programming over management. His knowledge on- and experience in programming makes him a great sparring partner when dealing with technical issues. In short: an inspiring person to work with.”
(Evert Lammerts)